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Lisa J. Sampson

  A professional advocate and consultant with 26 years of experience in the field of special needs. Lisa has two successful adult children with learning disabilities. Lisa had the unique opportunity to serve as a court appointed educational advocate to the Boston Public Schools for 7 years. She has extensive training in the field of mental health and autism spectrum disorders. Lisa is certified in Instrumental Enrichment, a program designed to remediate Executive Function deficits. Lisa has graduate level training in educational counseling and has excellent references from the area’s leading hospitals, evaluators and providers of special education services specializing in a range of disabilities. She has a history of successful negotiations with the Bureau of Special Education Appeals, and has worked collaboratively with statewide organizations interested in preserving the rights of children with special needs.


To inform and educate parents and professionals regarding State and Federal legal entitlements of children with special needs.  To ensure that every special needs child achieves to their  educational potential as mandated by Federal Law and Regulations.  To work with parents, professionals and organizations to maintain and strengthen legal policies and protections for children with special needs.  To provide affordable individual case advocacy.    Offering a comprehensive referral network of service providers.

Specializing In Learning Disabilities and Autism

• Dyslexia and other Reading Disabilities  

• Neurointegrative Disorders 


• Developmental Delays  

• Written Language and Organizational Disabilities 

 •  Sensory Integration Disorders 


• Executive Functioning Deficits 


• Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties 

 • Mental Health Issues  

• Autism Spectrum Disorder


Educational Advocacy. Lisa Sampson will provide Information on state and federal laws and entitlements.  Assistance with determination of eligibility for special education services.  Representation at IEP Team meetings to ensure your child’s right to a Free and Appropriate Education.  Intervention and negotiation with school districts regarding disputes.  Access to specific curriculum and teaching methods.  Assistance with Department  Of Education Due process.  Coaching for Young Adults with Average Intelligence who lack the Executive Functioning skills necessary for success. .    Internship and training is available to those interested in educational advocacy.

Do You Need an Advocate?

• Are you aware that the school district has a responsibility not only for your child’s educational progress but also their emotional, social and functional progress? 


• Are you dissatisfied with the education your child is receiving?

  • Does your child seem unmotivated and disorganized or unhappy in school?


 • Do you feel that despite what the school or you as parents do to help, your child continues to make limited progress? 


• Are you confused by the current Special Education Law and Regulations? 


• Do you feel that school staff does not understand your child’s disability or how to design an appropriate program specific to your child’s needs?


 If you answered yes to any of these questions you owe it to your child to call before another school year passes.  

Disabilities that are not addressed affect your child’s well being and self-esteem.


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